Thursday Reflections

When we have a conversation regarding technology, why does it always come down to the platform we use? Surely, after at least a decade where many students have had the opportunity to be ‘engaged’ through technology, we should have caught on that technology should be used in a transformative manner and not as an additive to lessons.
With aspects including mobility (as opposed to portability), empowerment, and connectedness, students of today should be innovative, creative, creators of content, where the content is interactive and personalized for their specific learning needs and styles.
Students do not need to learn how to use technology; they need to use technology to learn. This is a mind-shift for many teachers, but one, that if applied well, provides the opportunity to empower students.
We, as teachers, need to be proactive in removing obstacles to learning. This includes the platform, interface and any technological ‘hang-ups’ that many of the non-social economy (those who have already left compulsory education) may have.
It has been interesting to be involved in numerous conversations over the last 4 days where these topics, and how technology is supporting good pedagogy, has occurred.