Microsoft take-aways

What a great day at the Atlanta Microsoft Technology Centre (MTC).

From entering the Centre, the relaxed professionalism was immediately apparent and welcoming.

We are indeed indebted to Kathy and Wole for their fine presentations which in many ways, either made better or reinforced our understandings of educational technologies or provided those elusive connections between what we had learnt from others on the tour and the possibilities available at Microsoft.

We covered a fair amount of territory !

Our thanks also to Travis, his researched based contributions to the many meaningful discussions around PL, 21CLD and stylus use helped us all have a deeper understanding of these complex matters.

Topics covered:

* Developing expertise in how students learn, teachers as curators Ref doc. New Media Consortium  Horizon Report

* Microsoft Education Network and Partners in Learning (PiL)

* Skype in the Classroom:

* Bing in the classroom ad-free searching (not yet available in Oz):

* Youth Spark:

* Dreamspark:

* Assessment & Teaching of 21C skills:

* The Design of Future Educational Interfaces by Sharon Oviatt: The Design of Future Educational Interfaces provides a new multidisciplinary synthesis of educational interface research. It explains how computer interfaces can be redesigned to better support our ability to produce ideas, think, and solve problems successfully in national priority areas such as science and mathematics.

* Microsoft Real-Time Speech Translation for Skype : (Available September 2014)

* Office Mix-Office Mix adds functionality to PowerPoint 2013 that allows you to record audio or video of yourself presenting, write on your slides as you speak to them, insert quizzes, polls, online videos, and more.

* Fluid Math :

* Office 365 for Education:

* Project Oslo ” A new way to search and be connected’ :

* Microsoft Power Bi for Office 365 ‘Self-service analytics for all your data’. The ability to build dashboards pulling data together from a variety of sources providing the opportunity to match data to schools improvement plan:

* Yammer; Yammer’s cloud-hosted ESN software lets organizations set up intranets and extranets where users, whether they be employees, customers, partners or students, can have personal profiles with activity streams, share files, participate in discussion forums, microblog, and engage in other Facebook- and Twitter-like activities tailored for workplace interaction.

* Mosaic-special video effects:





We are very pleased to announce that today after our augmented reality workshop,  AISWA and MoGo (Dr Matt Dunleavy @ Radford University VA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the provision of the FreshAir augmented reality platform.

This MoU gives AISWA members the opportunity to use this amazing and cutting edge technology to create mobile, interactive augmented reality experiences  with ‘FreshAiR’ at partnership pricing and support.

FreshAiR is a development platform comprised of a web-based editor and a smartphone app, which runs exclusively on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems to leverage location-based AR. When using the FreshAir augmented reality platform and creating realities, teachers and students can embed digital information within physical locations around them, crafting an engaging experience for users.  Media augments the physical environment with narrative, video, audio, navigation, and other information relevant to the location. Click here to learn more about FreshAiR



Short take-aways from our great visit to Google
*Google 10X is about coming up with radical solutions to real problems
* ‘Moonshot thinking’ see
* Google Art Project
* Google 4 tenets
1. Empowerment: Discover a world of infinite resources
2. Choice: Use the right device anytime, anywhere
3. Teamwork: Work together in real time
4. Scale: Affordable and easy to manage
* Tablets with Google Play for Education see YouTube video

5000 Apps approved for education
Teachers can either push out Apps to groups or individuals. Also rent books for a period of time. Tablet class set up is quite easy for Google Play for Education
* New Google Classroom: Not a LMS but has some interesting potential for schools ‘watch this space’

Google Classroom