Situated in the Silicon Valley, Menlo’s has a reputation as an elite school with strong traditions of academic success. The main purpose of our visit to Menlo was to visit one of the largest and most advanced STEM lab, the Arthur Allen Whitaker Lab.


Spanning the size of 3 basketball courts, Menlo’s lab is an example of what can be achieved with a blank cheque. Although the students were not there, the prototypes, models and innovation were on show as proposals for inventions lined the walls and the display areas amazed many of us.

Students had 3D printed and electronically powered a lower arm prosthesis. A robot that was driven by a golf fish, sensors on the tank tracking the fish’s movement. It was a great example of when you can create a culture and allow creativity to flourish matched with the support the lab and its support team that anything is possible.

State of the Art equipment such as laser cutters, industrial wood working machinery, custom workbenches… it was very impressive.


The team there which includes a D&T Teacher and a lab tech work with students during and after school, even opening the Lab on Saturdays as an extracurricular option.

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