Polar views on generating creativity

It was exciting to be at Google for a second time. In the last 2 years, there have been a heap of developments including an explosion of Chrome Books and GAFE – in US education particularly, being 50%+ of tech represented in US schools!! –  and Google cardboard. The experience via the latter is so immersive that if you are riding the virtual roller-coaster you need some steadying…even if sitting down! Great to see the Google Garage and the giant SQrL too.


Out of interest, Silicon Valley offers examples of polarised views of generating an environment that sparks creativity. There is the Google model where the environment is playful and wild and collaborative and vibrant and energetic so that ideas can spark and generate and bounce around. And there is the Apple model where we have previously seen the environment as clean, neutral coloured, calm and controlled so that there seems to be an external calm that would allow ones head to explode with ideas without the external confusion. Horses for courses, as they say. Each has merit. Some thinking styles would benefit from one, and some from the other. As big players in Silicon Valley I guess they attract the right people for their style. Maybe keep that in mind when managing the students in your class during creative projects and offer them the “headspace” they need, taking a leaf from the books of these two successful corporations.

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