The Three Musketeers

Now that we are out the other end of our tour it is timely to acknowledge those responsible for putting together the itinerary and making it happen on the ground.

To Peter, Jan and Meika, the three of you should be especially proud of what you have achieved. The program was a tremendous balance of visits to schools, briefings with world leading corporations and then an international conference to top off our birds eye view of technology in education. Add to this the networking with both those on the tour as well as the many new contacts made and you have the makings of a very sound foundation which I am confident will help shape future directions for many independent schools in this area for the coming years.

Finally, as is the case with all learning, the ‘how’ of things is what often decides the success or otherwise of programs. In this case this was a great factor in all of us getting so much more out of this experience.

To the three of you, thank you very much for all of your tireless efforts and endless enthusiasm for the tour and its’ objectives. Congratulations on a most successful tour.



  1. Thank you Mike! What a pleasure to travel with such an inspiring group of educators and leaders. You may have just convinced me to complete my qualification. We’ll see 😉 Hope you catch you all soon!


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