Exhibition at ISTE 2014


Swivl: new models available which are much more stable and smooth in the operation and can take ipad, android as well as iphone (and other phones). Price is a little more than previous devices. Direct ship from USA

Nearpod great new features and have signed deal with Microsoft to be in the MS Store. Seems to be leading the polling market.
Good features in free version. The school licence is only $300 and provides a range of control features across multiple devices.

Autodesk: massive change to their licensing conditions for education. All Autodesk products – Autocad, Inventor etc will be FREE! This applies to the USA (announcement coincided with ISTE), but will be world wide by Sept 2014. This can make a difference of upto $2000 for a school.

Canvas: Used in 12 schools in Aust (and The Urban School), establishing new office in Sydney and have poached Julian Ridden from Moodle to help expand Canvas in Aust. Uses LDAP to integrate to AD and is working on being SIF compliant. Seems very full featured LMS, with roots in the tertiary ed market, but have made the interface more attractive to K-12.

Hard Candy: Protection for iPads – sensible cases with great protection. Direct ship from USA

JAMF: MDM OSX and IOS devices. Some great tools in the IOS area, especially for teachers to admin multiple IOS devices in their classroom using Focus. Impressive in doing tasks that some teachers expect – limiting students to one app, one web site, remote install of iBooks etc. Server software runs on Windows server (inc virtual) not just Mac Pro

Hovercam: come a long way since first doc camera released 4 years ago. Very easy to use full featured devices, available in Aust via Dataworks at about $450 for good model.

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