Kids Present Poster Sessions

This conference had countless poster sessions – so many that they had to be scheduled on a rotational basis across the four days of conference. They were an opportunity for teachers to show the projects they had been undertaking and there was plenty of variety to make it an interesting walk around the dispays. It made me smile to see the range from the grass-roots basics through to the really unusual and cutting edge. It was a timely reminder that everyone in Teaching World is doing something great somewhere on the very long continuum – and very proud of it! And so they should be!

mexican students

However, the displays I especially liked were the ones where teachers had brought their students in to showcase class projects. I had some very animated conversations with enthusiastic students who were so very keen to share their projects (with the supervising teachers standing back and letting them “go for it”. Two displays were especially fun – both presented by delightful students from Mexican schools. They were bursting with enthusiasm and practising their english while describing their projects, translating on-the-fly and filling in each others’ missing words to get their message across. Now there’s a perfect example of both collaboration and LOTE integration!  I also learnt heaps about tech experiments, industrial design projects, the Gulf Stream current and turtle conservation. Great technology projects presented!

cancun turtle studies



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