Human resources key in transformation.

In addressing the FUD epidemic (Fear Uncertainty Doubt) in teachers attitudes to technology, the Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) teacher self-reflection tool differs to the SAMR model in that teachers are self-assessed for an entry point based on their own ability and that of their students, and are then coached along a continuum without judgement. As teachers practice and take risks for implementing their news kills in technology use and application, success is defined by a significant shift where technology activities move:
from teacher owned to student-owned (student ownership is critical),
from conventional, simple use to complex creative use by students, and
from instructional focus on tools to instructional focus on content.

Professional development and collaborative coaching expenses need to be factored into the original budget at time of deployment of devices so teachers engage in the technology, designing activities with confidence, so devices do not collect dust on the shelf.

Congratulations to our AISWA team, assisting delegates Chris and Sam, and the expertise of Matt today, it was obvious just how much work you all dedicated to your augmented reality project for a guaranteed successful presentation. So many exciting and transformative lesson designs for redefining the teaching and learning for our students across all year levels. There are no boundaries and the possibilities are endless.

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