ISTE 2014

Saturday saw the start of ISTE 2014 with an interesting keynote from Ashley Judd who obviously thought she was at a Pastoral Care conference! Yesterday brought the first opportunity to visit the Exhibition Hall, an amazing aspect to this conference with workshops and displays of the latest offerings from a plethora of vendors. It certainly provides a time saving way of viewing the many options that are available in this area now.

We also heard from Robert Baker, a Microsoft convert who is teaching at Cincinnati City Day School. Roberts’ passion for the surface tablet centres around the ability to use a stylus as well as touch on the screen. He argues that you need to compare the device to the Air and iPad so as to be looking at comparative capabilities…but for me that was a mute point as Apple openly aims it’s devices for separate functionality, not trying to get the one device to do all. The surface doesn’t appeal to me as a mobile device but the stylus capability is an attractive feature at this point in time! I say at this point in time as clearly the generation we are in now is still pen dependant to a degree (largely because of the written exam beast) but I’m not sure how long that will be the case?

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