Apple Executive Briefing

Our last day in San Francisco. The AISWA ICT Study Tour group arrived at the famous 1 Infinite Loop address and made their way to the Executive Briefing Centre for a full day session with the Apple education team. Delegates were introduced to some of the latest Apple advances and specialist knowledge on learning strategies, content and tools, mobile devices and technology management in education. Although much of the content cannot be shared in this public forum, delegates may wish to reflect on how Apple’s digital content, mobility and opportunities for “targeted pedagogy” learning discussed today is transforming education within their own educational context.

Public resources shared today:

IT in the Classroom

Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action
Simon Sinek, author of the bestselling Start with Why, has a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership all starting with a golden circle and the question “Why?” His examples include Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright brothers .

TED Talk – Meet the SixthSense interaction (Pattie Maes, Pranav Mistry)

TED Talk  – The Child-Driven Education (Sugata Mitra)

ACOT 2 (Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow – Today)

Challenge Based Learning

iPad in Business Profiles

The SAMR* Model (*substitution, augmentation, modification, redefinition)
Dr. Rueben Puentedura (Blog)
Slides: SAMR: A Contextualized Introduction
Video: Technology in Education: An Introduction

One Best Thing
A collection of books, created by Apple Distinguished Educators (ADEs), that demonstrate the use of Apple technologies to transform teaching and learning. Each One Best Thing book shares a unit, a lesson, or a best practice and is designed to help another educator implement a successful practice. It’s a professional learning idea championed by an educator—in word and action—that others can look to for ideas and tips on how to replicate.
ADE Wes Molyneaux
ADE Kristi Meeuwse
ADE Larry Reiff

Example of iBooks created by students:
Invertebrates (created by 8th grade middle school students)

Understanding Digital Kids (Ian Jukes) (children’s brains wired differently)

Textbook: E.O. Wilson’s Life on Earth
Textbook with great examples of interactive content and “widgets” — being distributed chapter by chapter

Augmented Reality Apps
Spacecraft 3D from NASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratory
ColAR Mix

Managing Devices in Education
Mobile Device Mgmt (MDM)
IOS 8 in Education

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