Microsoft Partners in Learning

Robyn Hrivnatz spoke about the 6 essential skills for todays’ workforce – problem, solving and innovation, ICT in learning, knowledge and construction, skilled communication, self regulation, and collaboration. These are mirrored in the 21st Century Learning model and we were shown the rubrics that teachers can use to monitor how well tasks and activities can meet these skills.


Office 365 looks as though it can revolutionise how we can collaborate online and, more importantly, with others outside of our classroom. I’m looking forward to Microsoft setting up storage servers in Australia so that we can begin using these features.

New item: Office Mix. This will assist in ‘flipping’ the classroom. Available in Office 2013 and 365, this will allow teachers to write, draw and record anything. It can effectively turn your PowerPoint into a whiteboard. videos, webpage searches, quizzes can all be embedded and once uploaded to ‘your mix’ can all be shared with students via a shared link. Check out


Robyn also shared with us some useful apps for windows 8 devices. These included:

  • World wide telescope – this can be used via a browser or downloaded and allows student to use an interactive telescope of the solar system.
  • Physamajig – a physics tool that allows students to experiment with forces and other physics concepts.
  • Bing travel app – provides information on weather, flights, photos, panoramas, providing a virtual excursion of anywhere in the world.

A good conversation on what collaboration looks like in a modern classroom, and ideas for how this can be implemented.


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