Google and Intel Museum

An early start traveling to Santa Clara in the Silicon Valley area today known for its high tech industry.

Our first stop was the Googleplex. Angela Mecca from the Education team hosted the tour group and presented on some current and future Google education initiatives underpinned by the Google philosophy of 10X thinking. AISWA delegates were also fortunate in being some of the first Australian educators to view a preview of Google Classroom.

Following the briefing, Angela led the group on a tour of the famous campus before a stop at the Google merchandise store. The ‘team meeting’ bike was a hit with some of the delegates although they did encounter some issues getting it to move!



After lunch at a Mexican themed Google cafe we headed to the Intel Headquarters to visit the museum for a guided tour. Our guide engaged the tour group as they explored the complex world of silicon technology to help us understand how Intel is changing the way we live, work, play and communicate.



We’ll be interested to read reflections from delegates on how today’s activities will inform their practice or inspire ideas for change at their school.


  1. Today was a very insightful day looking at what Google have to offer in education and how teachers loads can potentially be reduced through the new and innovative ‘Google Classroom’. The biggest thing I took out of today is the fact that 60% of students we teach now will work in jobs that don’t even exist yet and as teachers we need to forward think and cater for this by working smarter, working collaboratively and redefining what true differentiation is. On a lighter note today was a very insightful day as to how 20,000 odd Google employees spend their time, 20,000! Real eye-opening day for all involved and I look forward to researching further into goggles educational initiatives!

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  2. The size of Google has blown me away. I knew it was a large organisation – but it’s huge!
    A great presentation by Angela – who I’m sure has inspired all of us. We have been looking into Chromebooks and Google apps – so highly beneficial.


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